Racism – An International, New Generation Phenomenon

For my friends who understand even a little bit of Spanish, check out the following YouTube video and tell me what you think:

This is the Google Translated text from the description of the video:

This video was made by Social Change 11.11 as part of the “Racism in Mexico.”
He became a research with Mexican children / as, replicating the experiment with children / as and dolls designed by Kenneth Clark and Mammi in the thirties in the United States, which has been conducted in several countries.
Here is part of the results and the children shown in this video reflect the responses of most children / as who were interviewed / as.
Given the complexity of the issue, we performed a Racism Workshop with / as children / as who participated and their families, to create a space for reflection and restraint of the emotions generated in this exchange.

An LA Times article reported on this video and the feedback opened with these questions:

Is Mexico’s an inherently racist society? Does the culture overwhelmingly favor those with light skin over those with dark skin? And if so, is that a legacy of European colonialism or present-day images in television and advertising?

These are among the thorny questions emerging in online forums in Mexico since a government agency began circulating a “viral video” showing schoolchildren in a taped social experiment on race.

My first thoughts are that this is a natural extension of racism in the USA. Here’s why, many of us in this country feign shock and get defensive very quickly when we are accused of racism, but the fact of the matter is that we claim post-racial status because we’ve largely exported it. It’s a disease we’ve already transmitted to others. And now even in a single lifetime between now and the Civil Rights Movement, like to think that the opportunities have always been there. That things are now on an equal playing field. But this is simply not true. The Church needs to recognize that this is not true. In our mission trips, in our sanctuaries, we have to realize that racism is something we perpetuate by never taking responsibility of it. And the last time I checked, the Jesus we worship took responsibility for sins he did not commit; whether we find ourselves personally culpable or not of this or  other injustices, we find in Christ the power to own and own this disease, if for no other reason that it may die with us and live no more.

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4 responses to “Racism – An International, New Generation Phenomenon

  • StrngeFruit

    You’re interpretation is spot on! We export these issues in our newsmedia, our movies, our missions, and our politics. To suppose there is something inherently. ‘wrong with mexico’ is to completely blind ourselves to the issues we perpetuate at home. Thanks fro posting!

  • Dennis Hesselbarth

    I don’t think it’s accurate to suggest this racism is exported from the USA. The Spanish set up a system in Latin America that put whites at the top, and native, dark skinned people on the bottom. This dynamic is centuries old. Maybe it’s better to suggest this is an example of Western European racism, of which the US was a ready recipient and willing partner.

    • Katelin

      Regardless of where it started, the US defiantly currently exports it. Doesn’t mean countries don’t already have their own, but no doubt it is in our movies, TV, news, many other mediums of export.

  • Josh Davis

    De verdad mi corazón duele cuando veo esto. (Truly, my heart hurts when I see this.) Every place I have ever been has a hierarchy of which cultures are better than the others. And children, at a very young age, pick up on that. They are able to voice it, if asked. And they state it as fact.

    Having lived in Latin America, and having traveled extensively, I believe these insidious notions go back a long ways (before the US existed as a country) and are also currently propagated by the US media, etc. Racism is caught, rather than taught, and if we are honest, the seeds of racism exist in each of our hearts and minds. We must allow Jesus to teach us His way, and to root out everything that is not in line with His truth in our hearts. I know this can happen. I am a personal example of how God can completely transform a heart and mind when it comes to issues of culture and race.

    Thanks for posting this!

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