Greatest Hits Of 2011

I thank you for following both David and I as we rant(!) about the state of Christianity and reconciliation.  I have been truly blessed with the response we have received since starting the blog earlier this year.  Here are our 10 most viewed blog posts of the year in case you missed them.  I wish you a blessed 2012 on this last Friday of the year!

10.  How To Be Right And Wrong At the Same Time

9.  One Christian Response to Osama Bin Laden

8.   #OccupyFreeWillBaptists

7.  Halloween Reconciliation Style 

6.   Do You Care Where Rob Bell Goes When He Dies?

5.   Where Your Allegiances Lie

4.  The Art of Disaster

3.   No More Strangers

2.  Bamboozled

1.  A Tale of Two Leaders

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