On Probation

If you haven’t heard Lowe’s along with some others has decided to remove its sponsorship of TLC’s All American Muslim. One of their justifications is they felt by sponsoring a program showing the daily lives of Muslims in Cosby Show mode was too controversial.  Huh?

To arrive at such a conclusion one has to of course have already formed an opinion about what being a Muslim is.  If showing them being smart and rather pedestrian is “controversial,” I hate to think what the decision makers at Lowe’s starting point of viewing them are to begin with.

Apparently the group spearheading the efforts to get companies to pull out is the Florida Family Association.  They have been a one man band in sounding the alarm about the show.  Essentially their position is a good American Muslim is an oxymoron.

Wow is all I have to say to that.   Not really sure who made them the American police.  However I can’t say that I’m surprised.  Immigrants have often operated under the cloud of probationary citizenship.   Different racial groups are “in” and “out” based on public mood.

After 9-11 one of my friends from India said her world changed overnight. She has stopped wearing clothing from her homeland in public spaces because of the insults she receives, and people look at her much differently now than when she first immigrated into this country in the 1980s.

She told me one story of how her husband was pumping gas at a local gas station and a guy yelled at him to “go back home.”  He said he was headed home, that’s why he was getting gas.  The yeller mumbled something and drove off.  Her husband wasn’t even aware that he was being racially harassed and being told to leave the country until it was pointed out to him by his wife!

Regardless of ethnic background or religious belief, we as Christians have an obligation to not make people probationary based on public sentiment.   We should follow the example of Paul in Acts 17:16-34.   He kept at the forefront the importance of being able to dialogue with all segments of society.

We must realize as Christians we must display attitudes that allow us to reach a wide spectrum of people.  No one is ever probationary.  I encourage you to watch the show, as it might give you some insight into the Muslim mindset.  You never know when the Spirit might call on you to witness to one.


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2 responses to “On Probation

  • Kim Schroeder

    From a media perspective the group’s condemnation was the best thing that could happen to it. I don’t even have TV service and I would have never heard about it were it not for the CNN and Fox stories. At this point most commentators would fear offering an honest opinion. I mean what if the show is just plain bad or worse yet boring? At this point who among us will bravely admit they don’t want to watch it because they could careless?
    Giving hyperbole a rest for a second what about the new ABC show? For those who don’t know I am a transgender female in transition. The description some may offer albeit when I leave the room is “drag-queen”. That is about as accurate as saying transgender should be equated with sexuality. OK enough of that. The only reason I’m mentioning all this is because of the aforementioned show Work it. My wife, yes I am in a rock solid marriage, made note of her concerns in her blog. In a rare moment of disagreement (not kidding we agree almost always) I do not see a problem. It is a comedy. I mean think about the Church Lady from SNL. However, I’m wondering what the response will be from the Christian camp? Will this be considered further evidence of “The Hidden LGBT agenda”? If this will come to pass we are talking about the number one hit show of the year! LGBT’s will watch it to spite the Christians and the Christians will watch it to spite the LGBTs!
    (Sometimes we just need to make fun of ourselves and let it go 😉 )

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