I could not believe this report about a baptist church in Kentucky banning interracial couples .   The couple (Stella Harville, Ticha Chikuni) had the audacity to fall in love in college.   This is the type of thing that shames the whole Body of Christ, as many unbelievers lump us all together regardless of denominational affiliation.   A Baptist is a Methodist is a holy roller in their eyes.   Therefore when we see such an egregious transgression as this we cannot sit idly by.  There is absolutely, positively, nothing in Scripture that supports such a position.  We must voice our displeasure so that the broader world knows what the real teaching of Christ is.  Go the the national Free Will Baptists webpage and let them know that this congregation needs to be dealt with, or call them toll free at 877.767.7659.

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4 responses to “#OccupyFreeWillBaptists

  • StrngeFruit

    Well said! Such an important point that this “shames the whole Body of Christ, as many unbelievers lump us all together.” I think we (christians) are often tempted to wave away ‘extremists,’ even as we generalize other religions. So important to remember we are One Body and we are responsible for our corporate sins, and healing the pain that our members cause. Thanks for your writing!

  • Alvin Sanders

    Thanks for the kind words strngefruit

  • David Park

    unbelievable. absolutely unbelievable. I love how everyone steps away when clearly the members voted it in. the pastor steps away, the denomination steps away. nobody wants to own this problem, but clearly someone needs to take responsibility. this is the heart of the problem with institutionalized racism. it’s nobody’s fault, but it still happens.

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