And The Winner Is…

At the CCDA 2011 National Conference in Indianapolis last week, we rolled out some new conference duds and instead of handing out cheap conference swag, we decided to give you folks who care about compassion, justice and reconciliation who took the time to visit us in our booth and subscribed to this blog a chance to win a new iPad2. That’s right, and since it’s coming out after the latest iOS5 updates, it will be a pretty nice addition to anyone’s technological palette. That’s how we roll here at Samaritan Way.

And for those of you who scoff at the notion that anyone with an iPad 2 could seriously embody the work of reconciliation, here are ten ways the iPad can help you do some good in the neighborhood.

  1. You can carry an entire library of resources in your hand with the Kindle app. I’d recommend John M. Perkins’ library for immediate download. 🙂
  2. Take notes of your neighborhood survey with the Evernote app. You can type or audio record them.
  3. Organize multiple schedules on the go with iCal.
  4. Calculate the interest payment of a loan with powerOne Financial Calculator app.
  5. You can take pictures with the built-in camera for your board or your newsletter.
  6. Then write that newsletter with Pages. Or use it to preach from. I’ve been saving paper this way.
  7. Present your pitch with Keynote to attract donors or to tell your stories.
  8. Accept credit card payments with the Square app.
  9. Extend your desktop monitor with the Splashtop app.
  10. Finally, invite the neighborhood kids to play Air Hockey with you. Trust me, they flock to this like nobody’s business and it gives you the chance to interact with them.
Well, we got a nice long list of names in Indianapolis last week and we have a winner!
Drum roll, please! Using the list of email addresses, numbering them, and then using the random number generator developed especially for raffles here, the winning number was 29, which was Walt McCall!
Of course, since you subscribed to this blog, you’ll probably read this from here, but we’ll be contacting you shortly to find out where to send your new iPad2!
Congratulations! And we do hope it helps you serve the Lord and others better. From Samaritan Way~

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